Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coming Home

Guess who is currently sitting in the Ben Gurion Airport.
Guess who just said goodbye to her home for the past 4 months.
Guess who is missing it already.
Thats right... Me.

With 20 hours of flight time ahead of me, I'll have a ton of time to reflect on the past 4 amazing months. Hopefully most of that time will be put to good use sleeping as well. After a really tough 2 days of saying goodbyes, I am finally ready to start saying some hellos.

Yes, I have walked where Jesus walked. I have bathed my feet on the shores of Galilee; I have tasted the waters of Jacob’s Well, where Jesus talked with the woman of Samaria; I have prayed in Gethsemane; and I have worshipped silently at the garden tomb. Each place stirred my soul and made me feel his holy presence. But I have not seen him in this life, nor have I spoken with him face-to-face. I know, however, that he lives and that he loves me. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I can testify that I know him as if I had seen him with my own eyes and heard his voice with my own ears. -Elder Carlos E. Asay

Playlist Much?

California (Phantom Planet)

Big Jet Plane (Agnus and Julia Stone)

Do You Remember (Jack Johnson)

Pasadena (Modern Skirts)

See You Soon (Coldplay)

Warmer Climate (Snow Patrol)

World Spins Madly On (The Weepies)

.See you soon.


Da Bergs said...

That TOTALLY brought tears to my eyes... I am so happy for you, what an experience!!! (althought, I AM a tad big jealous!) ♥

mkoconnor said...

Hey, good playlist. I'm glad you liked
the modern skirts song I sent :)