Friday, April 8, 2011

I was Petra-fied

Jordan was a blast.
Petra was definitely the highlight of the trip.
You may recognize it from the movie
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
While the movie would have you believe that the Holy Grail is hidden inside, the real story is equally mysterious. It was hidden by bedouins for years and only recently discovered by westerners. Today it flocks with tourists, all amazed by the amazing colors and the giant tombs carved within the rocks.
This is another site that I learned about in Art History, its amazing to see these sites come to life.

Treasury at Petra
Colors and patterns in the rocks
Both man made and natural caves found within the rocks

View from the hike up to the monastery

The Monastery that we hiked up to.
Rachel and I inside the Monastery
We found dogs, uncommon here in the middle east
ohh and cats... all too common
Thought I'd have a go at some camel kissing action...
Rachel wasn't as inviting I guess....

TOMS hiking around Petra
Heidi and hiking down from the monastery, overlooking Petra
It was an exciting and eventful day spent exploring and playing with some of my best friends.

I love Petra.

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Kels H. said...

That is the best picture of Rach ever.