Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Looking Forward

With the return flight fast approaching...
(Do I really only have 8 days left here?)
My dear mother sent me an e-mail with a list of reason
why I should be excited to come home.

I really liked that...
As sad as I am to leave Jerusalem,
I really am excited to come home.

Things on my list to look forward to:
-The Family. Vacation to Hawaii anyone? Yes Please.
-The friends... my good friend Sam just got home from his mission and I can't wait to see him after two whole years!
-The ward. Hidden Springs, you are my family.
-The food... Four months without Mexican food, can't wait for that Carne Asada. Ohh and a Non Kosher Kitchen would be nice... meat and cheese together!
-The clothes! Putting on my purple anthro boots ASAP
-The simple life... Not worrying about having at least two other people with you at all times. Sometimes alone time is nice you know?
-The iTunes Store. New music would be incredible
-The good ol' Titan. I miss my truck, do I even remember how to drive?
-The states. I don't think I ever really appreciated my country and the freedoms we have there as I do right now.
-The beach. Huntington, here I come... please no more Arab men in speedos.
-The workout videos. Yoga Yoga Yoga
-The FroYo. Nubi is calling my name
-The movies. Water for Elephants is coming out in celebration of my coming home... loved the book, love the cast, its sure to be amazing.
-The summer. Best time of the year for sure.
-The books. I've got that list going...
-The sleeping in. Anytime past 7:30 would be nice. Thank you.
-The school. A new major... what an exciting adventure.

&& most importantly...
The new start...
Jerusalem really has changed me in ways that I didn't know were possible or even needed changing. I can feel such a difference in my life, I feel so much happier and excited about the challenges up ahead. I'm excited to see how this rejuvenated me takes on the world... how, when I am put back into a real life situation, I will allow those changes in me to really take effect on the way I live my life.

You don't need an experience like the one i've had here to change your life in amazing ways, although I admit it sure does help. The number one thing that has made that change in me is that fact that I spend everyday focusing my life on the savior and making sure that I am following the paths that he sets for me. I know that no matter where in the world you are, you can make that change, as you put forth the effort to making the Lord your number one priority. I promise that if you do that, everything else will fall into place.

Jerusalem. I love you. I'm going to make sure that the next 8 days are filled with so much joy that I won't be able to contain myself.

P.S. Shout out to Brother Hansen who reads my silly posts every week, don't worry... this won't be the end of my blogging adventures. I hope to fill my life with many more interesting escapades to entertain you with.



Farryn said...

dont forget your trip to the east coast! ;)
please add "the lucky one" to your list of books to read. i just finished it and it was so good!
<333 love you

Thayne said...

Excellent post. Good luck with finals and the rest of your adventure. Our door is open.

Da Bergs said...