Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mount of Beatitudes

Another one of my favorite spots was the Mount of Beatitudes
We stood as a class overlooking the sea as out teacher pointed out to us the spot where the sermon most likely took place. We went and took a little peak around the church dedicated to the site and then gathered together again in a little meeting spot on the grounds. We read the sermon on the mount in the spot where it happened and discussed the verses and what they meant to us.

After that we had 45 min to find a quite place to think. I think those times we had to just ponder were the best of the trip. It was amazing to just sit on the grass and listen to all the people there worshiping and singing. I love the sermon on the mount, it may just be one of my favorite teachings in all the scriptures. My favorite verse 6 which talks about those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. I love that the savior speaks to us in ways that we can relate to and understand. We all know that feeling of hunger and thirst, its a sensation that fills your whole thoughts and controls the way you act. We need to relate that feeling to the gospel in our lives. To feel that literal hunger for more, to let that need for the gospel in our lives to occupy our minds at all time.

I love this place, I love the beauty that surrounds me here. But most of all, I love what I learn everyday. I learn how to draw closer to my savior and to keep his presence with me at all times.

"consider the lilies of the field"
Mount of Beatitudes

We also made some other cool spots that day. We visited Tabgha where story of Jesus feeding the thousands with the loaves and fishes took place. There was a cool little church with beautiful mosaics. I love being able to see where these stories of my savior took place.

One of our last stops of the day was Capernum, the city where Jesus lived during his ministry. I was a little sad that we went at the end of the day, just because we were so tired and it was hard to truly enjoy it, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. It was so special to walk around the city where my savior actually lived, to view the remains of the homes of the people he healed. It was so touching to stand in the spot where the synagogue stood that he taught and healed in. I especially loved seeing the remains of Peters home, where the savior most likely stayed, and where he healed Peter's mother-in-law.

Peter's home is considered such a sacred and holy spot, that no one wanted to build on top of it. So they got all sorts of craft and built over it, they made a spider like building so that it just hovers over the ground.
It was a long day thats for sure.

I feel so blessed to have visited these places. When I read the scriptures I can actually see the places in my head. It has made the teaching of my savior come to life. I will never forget the week that I walked in my saviors footsteps, getting to know his beloved Galilee, and getting to know him and his place in my life.

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Da Bergs said...

I have to admit,I am jealous. REAL jealous. I love the New Testiment. I would love to be there and SEE where Christ lived.... walked... healed...

I hope you are sharing this all with Dallin! ♥