Friday, September 10, 2010

Jason Reeves - Wishing Weed

Back in Utah

Finally back in Provo!
I started school on the 30th and right now my classes are Drawing, 2-D Design, Art History, Statistics, and Art Seminar. Let me say right now how much I LOVE it. It makes me so happy walking around campus with my giant sketch pad in tow. I have the biggest smile on my face when I leave to go to class, and that's saying something considering the fact that I start classes at either 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. every morning. My teachers are amazing, they are just so young and energetic and so excited to help me improve. We have small class sizes so we are all getting to know each other really well. I just can not stress how much I love it.

I also started a new job at BYU Telefund. I get to call all the BYU Alumni and people who have donated to BYU in the past and just chat with them, get to know them, update their records, and ask them if they would like to donate again. I spent the last week or so just training and getting to know the computer/phone systems and I think I've almost got it all down. I was really excited because one of my mentors said that I had done the best out of all the people he has trained so far, I was pretty stoaked about that.

So I love school, I love my job, I love my friends. How many people can say that? I feel so blessed.

Yesterday I got to go to a Jason Reeves concert. I have been in love with him for a while now and when I saw he was in Provo I jumped at the chance and bought ten tickets for me and my friends. When I showed up and the door the staff said "Ohh you are Kaitlin O'Connor, you were the first to buy tickets and you bought the most, you must be a big fan" Yes. Yes I am.

He was SO good live! He has the most melodic voice and writes the best lyrics. If you haven't heard of him, go buy all of his songs... right now.

And... Hello... Dream Come TRUE... I got to MEET him after the show! AHHH! He is so nice and so humble and SO talented!

Well thats all the major updates for now!