Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Girl

Aimee Christina Fresh
Born 20 years ago today!
I know I must have been so sad in heaven for those several months that she was on the earth and I was not.
When you talk about best friends, you talk about Aimee & I.
I don't think I could begin to tell you how much I love this girl.
She is one of the most kind and caring individuals that I have ever met.
Growing up with Aimee has been the most amazing ride,
I can't wait to continue that ride on to college when we live together in the fall.
It has been our dream to go to BYU together since about... umm forever.

Happy 20th Birthday Aimee Fresh
Its going to be an amazing year for you
I'm so grateful for your friendship and influence in my life.
I still plan on becoming old ladies together and living next door to each other in our fancy houses on Balboa Island.
Get ready for another crazy ride.


Brigham & Jessica said...

I am dying looking at the second to last picture... what cool middle schoolers!!! Haha I used to dress the same, destroyed jeans (from abercrombie if you were cool), colored vneck with shirt underneath, hoop earrings... man I hope you guys were wearing Cathy Jeans as well!!

Da Bergs said...

Love you both! Happy Birthday Aimee!!!