Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dead Sea Spa

Sunday we had our very last bus field trip, I'm sad that our bus days are over, but it was a great field trip to end on.
First we hit up Qumran, where we were able to see off in the distance where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
After that we headed over to Masada, where Herod built one (or actually two) of his many fortresses. This guy built more palaces than anyone I've ever heard of. It was also where the Zealot Jews fled to after the destruction of the second temple. After that we went on a little nature walk at Ein Gedi where Jess and I found a romantic little spot by a waterfall where we just sat, put our feet in the water, and talked. It was much like the area Lehi and his family would have dwelt by (1 Nephi 2:6,8)

Then we get to everyone's favorite part of the day. The Dead Sea!
We paid 2 shecks to get past this odd Nigerian man in order to get into the changing rooms. After we were all suited up we walked down to the water, which was a bit far since the Dead Sea looses about 3 feet of depth every year. When we got into the water, there were these huge salt stones at the bottom. Once you get past those, you just kind of jump out a little, and no work needed, you just float to the top. Its the weirdest/coolest sensation. We had a ton of fun making chains of people, taking picture, and just full on lounging in the sun.

After we got out, the salt would dry stay on your skin while the water evaporates. We then headed over to get our spa on. We gathered the little mud that we could find and lathered it on for silky soft skin.

After a great day in the sun, we got on the bus for our last trip home. It was a fun run kids. Some of my favorite moments were spent bonding on the bus. From our random dance parties, to stuffing megan in the overhead storage space, to Jenny spilling an entire water bottle on my lap, and too many other to count.

*Thanks again to the talented Lani Liv for letting me use her camera while mine was taking a break for a while && for twirling my hair when I'm sad.

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