Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

Today, I pulled the April fool of all April fools.
At least in my own eyes I did.
This plan has been in the works for about a month.
I had the idea in my mind that it would be funny to trick my Dad into thinking I was going to get engaged here in Jerusalem. I asked my friend Piers if he would help me out with my little plan. I knew that he would be perfect for the job, and thankfully he agreed to help out (seriously, he was perfect).

I told my mom my plans because I knew I couldn't keep it from her, it was just too good. I asked her if she would start dropping hints to my Dad that I was dating someone. Not only did she do a great job at that, but she got Shaila (basically my second mother) and all their friends in on the joke. My mom would send me e-mails every so often giving me updates on how the plan was coming along. With my mom and Shaila working together, it was set up absolutely perfectly. "Prime for pranking" and my mom worded it.

I e-mailed my Dad yesterday and let him know that I needed to call him, but since it was really late here I was going to wait until the next day (April Fools) to call him. I was nervous all day for the phone call, for Pierces sake not my own. In one of the e-mails from my mom she mentioned that my dad had been facebook stalking Pierce to the max. Who knows what my Dad would say to poor Pierce who was just doing me a huge favor.

When we finally set up a time to call my dad, Pierce and I headed into a study room for prep. He wrote down his speech, I pulled out my computer to video the encounter, and then dialed the number.

When he picked up the phone I nonchalantly asked about how things were going at home, and then said that the real reason I called was because I had a friend who needed to talk to him... Piers was seriously perfect. Beyond perfect. He kept his cool the whole time, saying how he was sorry that he wasn't getting the chance to do this in person, going on about how special I was, how we told each other we loved each other on Mount Sinai, how we made the decision to get married when we were in Galilee, and how he bought a ring planning to propose while in Jordan this next week. My Dad was silent the whole time. I was literally freaking out.

Then he said something along the lines of "this is a good one Katie, being April fools day and all". Busted. Then instead of giving in like I normally would, I decided to take it further, we all worked too hard to let it go.. So I very nervously replied "Dad, could you please take this seriously for me..." and Piers added "I totally forgot its still April Fools day in the states, we have terrible timing." Then we let it sit silent for a couple second before I said... "Dad, can I call you back?" and he nervously said Yes.. I could tell by his voice that he had been appropriately pranked, and couldn't let him sit with that much longer, so I yelled April Fools!

I felt accomplished. I was a little mad that he got it so easily, he said he had known for days that it was a joke, but later admitted that he was genuinely stressed out on the phone. The part that got him the most was my "Can you take this seriously" line, so I was glad that we were able to salvage it.

I'm a terrible liar.
So i'm pretty dang proud of myself for pulling of such a huge prank for me.
Thanks to everyone who helped pull this together.
Love you Dad!
Don't worry, I will give you a little more warning before I send any other boys in your direction.

Screen Shot from the video I took of the call.


Farryn said...

I just read this out loud to Aimee, we loved the story! good prank! i can imagine MoVal was blowing up with that rumor! love you!

Da Bergs said...

I loved helping out of course! I even had told your dad that you told me that he is THE best kisser!! hahahaha...

You got him good! I heard him tell this story 3 times! Brad heard him tell it 4 times! It was GREAT!!! GOOD JOB!!! :)