Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funny Farryn

I have known Farryn Elizabeth Nichols since the first day of kindergarten.

Miss Bold's class to be exact.

Somewhere amidts our school plays, secret clubs, trips to the MESA, and struggleing with noon duties we became friends.

We have so many memories together

From the time she got her hand stuck in the table in the cafeteria,

to the time she played the role of Aunty Flow in our class production.

From the early morning drill team practices and competitions

to middle school graduation dances.

We made it through High School and Cheer practices, and now we are half a world away going on with our own adventures in life.

Since that first day in Kindergarten until now, I can honestly say that I've grown to love and apprecaite her more and more.

It seems like just yesterday (okay, I sound like a grandma) that we were setting up for her sweet sixteen bash, circus themed, complete with a jumper (big hit).

I wish I was there to celebrate your big 20th birthday with you Farryn!

You know if I were there, I would buy you a purple kitty shirt ;)

Enjoy this day Farryn! I know you will!

Happy 20th Birthday!

1 comment:

Farryn said...

AWWWWW i love this!! Thank you soo much! i love the whole thing! Miss you tons! love you!