Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Taking Chances

One of the biggest challenges I've faced the last several months has been trying to decide on a major. I hated the stress of having to pick just one thing to study, I wanted to take a little bit of everything. I was major shopping and I decided that I wanted to take psychology, astronomy, art, creative writing, music, ethics, and all sorts of other classes. So while trying to decide on a major, I did my best to find the one that had a mix of just about everything that I was interested.

&& I think I've come to a conclusion.
This is a BIG deal.
Who knows, I'll probably change my mind about 4 more times... but I'm not getting any younger and I just needed to pick a track to follow, and if its not the right one, then the Lord will lead me to the right one.

So as of now... I'm planning on a Humanities major with an emphasis is Art History!
I can take some philosophy classes, some lit classes, Greek and Roman mythology, and a handful of Art History classes. FUN!

The only downfall is that now I'll be taking Italian every day for the next four semesters... A lot of work. But since I've come to Jerusalem I have a new found motivation. I realize that the Lord has big plans for us all, he does not want us to take the easy route. Learning a new language (no background whatsoever) will be hard, really hard, but I can do hard things!

As Celine would say... What do you say to taking chances?

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