Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dome of the Rock

You thought I would leave you for ten days in Galilee didn't you?
Well, I love you all too much for that.
Or maybe I'm just avoiding the paper I have to write before I pack?

Anyways... Spence showed me how to schedule my blog posts to publish on a certain day... So I'm taking advantage of that so you have something while I'm away.
Not that you care all that much haha

So I finally got to go visit the Dome of the Rock!
The Temple Mount is only open to visitors for a couple hours a day, so every time I have gone so far it was closed.
Luckily we got in today and it was amazing!

Remains from the temple that was standing here during Christ's time

I remember learning about the dome of the rock in my art history class, and I fell in love. I knew that I was coming to Jerusalem and when we talked about it in class, I was giddy thinking that I was going to get to see it in real life.

Let me tell you, Its is one million times more beautiful in real life. I love being able to look out on the city during church, meals, or any other time of the day and see that big beautiful golden dome. When I finally got to see it in person I was in awe. The detail and colors were so meticulous and made the whole area shine. I took a moment to walk around it by myself and just take in every little detail that I could.

Just doing some Yoga at the Dome of the Rock

Then we decided to have a little fun! We made friends with a couple little boys who were playing around. They were kicking a soccer ball around and then wanted to show off with some breaker moves. When It was time to go, they wouldn't let us leave! They kept saying no no no no no and grabbing our hands. They were absolutely adorable and so much fun.

It closed after an hour so we really didn't have much time. We just walked back to the center, stopping for love nuts and gummies on the way. Snacks which are probably long gone by now. Seriously.... best thing ever.

On another note... The mural is coming along beautifully! We have spent a ton of time on it and it just keeps looking better and better!

P.S. Something to make you laugh

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You look SO skinny! AND, happy!!!