Friday, March 11, 2011

I'd Rather Be Alone Than Dead

A price that I was willing to pay
for my livelihood.

In a game
revolving around
and ultimately...

In the end..
I was willing to give up my friends
In order to stay alive.
Assassin is a serious game.
Not one for those with weak stomaches.

After loosing some of my best friends..
I was killed in a malicious act of trickery
by someone I trusted.

Lesson Learned.
Winning is more important than friends.
& never agree to take pictures.


- For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about... all the students in the center signed up for a game of assassin. You draw a name and your job is to "kill" them by slitting their throat with your finger. Once you kill them, you take on their victim.

Props to Sarah, who waited outside my room this morning, just waiting for me to come out.
You win most dedicated.

&& Even though I hate to say it... props to Emily for getting me to let my guard down. You know I can't resist pictures.

&& no props to Brock... told you that you couldn't kill me ;)

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