Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friend Focus - Jessica Madson

My incredible roommate.
Here are some things that I LOVE about Jessi.

Her real name is Amy, but she goes by Jessi.
She loves country music.
She sings in the shower.
She lets me borrow her slip just about every day.
She throws her smelly socks on my pillow.
She wants to put a world timeline on the wall in her house.
She is the funniest girl I know.
She smiles with her mouth open.
She is my bosom friend.
I love that she would understand that the above remark is from Anne of Green Gables.
She said she will let me do a Jane Austen shoot with her when we get back.
She has the prettiest hair in all the universe.
She is one of those girls that is incredible, but doesn't know how absolutely amazing she is.
She works hard in school.
She is one of the most selfless people I know, always looking to help in any way she can.
She is a wonderful example to me, she makes me want to be better and try harder every day.
I love her to death.

Most Memorable Quote:

"I'm not some sheltered weirdy"

side note: everything that comes out of her mouth is funny, I'm just not quick enough to write it all down. But I assure you that there are many more quotes, so I just picked my own personal favorite.

I love you Jessi!
Were going to be friends forever right?


Jessica said...

This is the nicest thing. I think that has ever been said about me. Seriously, I can't believe this!
It's not all true (heehee, taking peeve anyone?)
but I easily got the Anne of Green Gables quote.

We're going to be friends forever! You better hope we're going to be. Even if you hate me for waking you up.YOU are the greatest thing, and this made me SO HAPPY!!!


Mandy said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. I feel the same way about Jessica! I feel lucky everyday that she is my sister. Thanks for the tribute! I can't wait to meet you!