Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Getty Villa

IMG_9907words After visiting the Getty in Los Angeles this summer with Lani, I vowed that one day I would plan a trip to go visit the Getty Villa in Malibu. You have to reserve spots online and they were always sold out when I wanted to go. Luckily, I was able to score some spots over Christmas day and we gathered a last minuet clan of people to go.

It was an absolutely perfect trip. We walked around the gardens while literally soaking up all on the sun possible. I struck up a conversation with one of the guards who happened to be from Lebanon {loved his middle eastern accent} and knew everything possible about the Villa and J. Paul Getty. He told my mom that I was a very interesting person to talk to, and I'm pretty sure that warmed me right to the core. I love old middle eastern men. Gosh that sounds weird.
IMG_9888 IMG_9898 IMG_9882 IMG_9901 Untitled-1

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 Afterwards, we went to Gladstones for lunch {phenomenal} where they wrap up your leftovers into cute sea creatures. We wanted a spot on the deck, so while we were waiting we kicked off our shoes and ran around in the sand.

montage fish IMG_1375IMG_1371IMG_9929IMG_9930IMG_9916IMG_9987

After lunch we went to the L.A. Temple to watch the sunset. I have a good friend who is serving there as a missionary, and after a little talk with the Sister Missionaries in the visitors center I found out that he is serving as an AP and on any other day he would have been there!

IMG_9994 IMG_9993

We went home and turned on the Bachelor. Which, by the way, I am SO disappointed with this season. Those casting directors need a kick in the pants. It was the perfect day to end my Christmas break, and now I'm getting back in the grind at school. I already have so much to do I can't believe it. I'm excited for the new year and the adventures that are sure to come. 


Brigham & Jessica said...

Justin? Your mom wears Anthropologie... umm she's the cutest. as are you:)

Da Bergs said...

PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT day!!! I told Brad about a million times how great it was!!! (And, I may have told Elder Bergquist too!)

The Pingrees said...

You are so stunning.