Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Picture This.

Today, Zoe and I went to dinner and were talking about life in general. I told her "I honestly don't think that I could marry someone who doesn't like music" and she said "I don't think you could either."

This sounds so weird, but when I listen to certain songs, its like they take me to certain places. Each melody has their own story and their own life to them. Sometimes I just lie on my floor and close my eyes as I watch it play in my head. I just think its an absolute miracle that music can do that to us. That someone that I have never met can put these works together and take me to a whole new place. Humans are so interesting to me, how we respond to things like music and art, how we are able to transfer our emotions into something concrete which can continue to create those emotions in others. I love to think that we are all on this same wavelength of sorts.

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