Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Day in the Bay

After Jessica's wedding, Aimee and I thought it would be fun to stay the night at my grandma's and then go to San Francisco the nest day. Aimee had only been once when she was 8 years old, so I was excited to show her my favorite touristy spots. My mom and sister drove up for the wedding and then we all drove back to Los Altos.

We only had a couple hours in the city, so we were limited to one spot. After a long, inward struggle... I decided we should stop at pier 39 & fisherman's wharf. We walked around the pier, stopped in a couple of quirky shops, said hello to my friends the sea lions, and then grabbed some delicious soup to warm our bones. 

IMG_8838 IMG_8857 IMG_8880 IMG_8893 IMG_8901 IMG_8887IMG_8896 IMG_8921 IMG_8925

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