Thursday, January 26, 2012

Far From What I Once Was, But Not Yet What I'm Going To Be

The other day at work, a friend asked me a usual question... "How are you today Kaitlin?" and I responded with a usual answer... "It's been one of my best days yet." Overhearing my answer, another co-worker asked why today was so great, to which I shrugged my shoulders. Unsatisfied with my  short response, the first co-worker explained...

"She doesn't see happiness the same way most people do, changing day to day, one being better than another. Instead her happiness accumulates with each day and there is no limit to how happy she will become."

I think that is one of the greatest compliment of my life.

I also think that it is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my short little life so far. That each day we are adding on, we have new knowledge. We have our old memories and are making new ones. Each day should be the best of our lives because it is something more than we had the day before. 

As I was reading an essay by Wendell Berry entitled "Life Is A Miracle" I came across this passage, which says it better than I ever could. 

"My own experience has shown me that it is possible to live in and attentively study the small place decade after decade after decade, and find that it ceaselessly evades and exceeds comprehension. There is nothing that it can be reduced to, because "it" is always, and not predictably, changing. It is never the same two days running, and the better one pays attention the more aware one becomes of these differences, Living and working in the place day by day, one is continuously revising one's knowledge of it, continuously being surprised by it and in error about it. And even if the place stayed the same, one would be getting older and growing in memory and experience, and would need for that reason alone to work from revision to revision. One knows one's place, that is to say, only within limits, and the limits are in one's mind, not in the place." - Wendell Berry

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Kaile said...

I always love reading your blog. You are so inspiring!!