Thursday, November 3, 2011

You know when...

Random thought that has nothing to do with the rest of this post: 
Can someone make me look like this?
It might make me enjoy the winter season a tad bit more.
Moving forward...

You know you are getting old when: You start getting excited over cute dinnerware.
You know you are a poor college student when: You go online window shopping and put clothing items in your shopping bag, pretending you are going to actually purchase them.
You know you are a procrastinator when: You have a paper due the next day and yet you can't seem to get off Pinterest.
You know you are an idiot when: You brake the disposal twice in the same week.
You know you are a winterphobe when: you complain about the cold every ten seconds.
You know you are dependent on your *theme music when: you want to start crying because you left your headphones at home.

I seem to be finding a lot about myself lately.
*Am I the only one who walks home from school pretending that I'm in a movie?


Kate Magleby said...

Well, I go back and forth between pretending I am in a movie and in a music video. It changes depending on whether or not I leave my headphones at home. I get SO upset when I don't have them!

Leilani Livingston said...

that song has been my jam all month long.

you are my soulmate and don't you forget it.