Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Twilight Haters Back Off.

Guess who just got tickets for the premier showing of TWILIGHT with my GURLZ! Yeah, that's me. To say I am excited is an extreme understatement.

But I must confess, one of my favorite parts of the movies is the soundtrack. I always get kind of embarrassed when a scantily dressed jacob and smoldering edward show up on my iPod as the album artwork, but the music is just SO good. The first soundtrack is what really started to get me more interested in exploring music possibilities.

So i've literally been listening to the new one ALL DAY, and it was playing in my head for most of my classes. So what if I am dorky, at least I am honest.

Love the re-make, even better than the original. What?! 

What a TWIHARD Fan.
(This Year's Halloween Costume, thats me in the wig)

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mkoconnor said...

Love the pic! You and Aimee are perfect. BTW I think that is Marketa Irglova ("Falling Slowly" - Swell Season) singing backup vocals on Flightless Bird, AM. Cool!