Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Mormons are Eager

Mormons. We are everywhere. You see our YouTube videos, our faces on billboards and commercials, our facebook status's, our car decals, our blog posts, our cute missionaries on bikes or at your doorstep. Why are Mormons so pro-mormon? Why do you think so many of us are so eager to share our faith. I'll tell you why. 

Its because being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints makes us happy. When you get a good grade on a test or score a rocking deal on a new outfit, what would you do? You call your best friend to tell them about it. When you find $20 in your coat pocket, you tweet about it. When something makes you happy, or impresses your life in some way, you want to share it. Its human nature. The truth is, being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints makes us happier than anything on earth. The knowledge that Christ's church is upon the earth is incredible news to us. The fact that we believe that the power and authority of God, the same power and authority given to Jesus Christ and his apostles, is available to us here on earth is life changing. So why wouldn't we want to share that with anyone who will listen. 

 Why does it make us so happy you wonder? We don't "party" (unless you count card games, which I don't). We don't drink tea or coffee. We don't have sex before marriage. Outside of the church, people make lists of what we "can't" do. But rarely do they realize what giving up these things allows us TO DO. Because we choose to give up these small 'pleasures' in life, we live much happier. Opting out of these and other habits keeps us free from life altering addictions, diseases, and other heart breaking experiences that only limit your options in life. Even more than that, when you realize that by following these commandments you can live with your family forever, as well as many other eternal truths, following those commandments seems like a worthy sacrifice. 

So if you ever wonder why Mormons are so creepily happy all the time, go to the source, ask your friend/co worker why they love being Mormon. Invite those missionaries in for a glass water, or even better... take them to lunch! We are eager to share what we know, only because it makes us so happy. No one likes to keep a secret like that. 

My name is Kaitlin O'Connor. I am a Junior in College. I take pictures. I watch British films. I spend too much time on the J. Crew website. I love my friends and family. I look forward to my future. I am a Mormon. 


Kate Magleby said...

This post was perfect!

mkoconnor said...

Here is a comment from one of the "I am a Mormon" videos on YouTube. I thought it was funny (even though he was serious): "Mormons scare me with their smiles and niceness. I do not like it. They give me chills and make me feel like I am surrounded by aliens. I knew a Mormon once and he was a really nice guy. But the others scare me. I wished they didn't smile so much. My friends and I do not smile this much. It is unnatural. [Will my comment be blocked for stating an honest opinion?]" hahah (Notice the fact that he likes the Mormon guy he knows personally.) When the leaders of our church are asked to defend our beliefs, they say to look at our members. Their actions will show what we believe!! We believe in the plan of happiness!!

Bekah B said...

this just made my day..thank you!!

Faith Goimarac said...

I love this and wish the whole world understood it! I'm going to link this in one of my own blog posts, ok? I hope you don't mind! :) It is so well-said.

Bobbie Brittner said...

Wow, what an amazing message. You said it so well. We really are happy people, so why not share that happiness? Thanks for saying it so perfectly.