Monday, November 7, 2011

Guys, Lets Talk.

Guys, lets talk about guys...
What makes boys like Ryan Gosling, John Kransinski, and Lonely Boy Dan Humphry so attractive? I think I've always known, but just realize it more and more every day. Its that sparkling personality (and those dashing smiles don't hurt either). So here is a guide for guys, how to become absolutely irresistible.

  1. Make Her Laugh. Nothing is more attractive than those smile lines, hence why it is listed first. Make a girl laugh and you have her heart.
  2. Be Interested in Her. I met this guy, thought he was so attractive, like really really attractive... struck up a conversation. I talk to him for about ten min and I don't think he ever even asked my name. Ask her questions, listen, and react to them. 
  3. Be Ambitious. Have a dream. Work towards something. Having a goal, no matter what it is, makes you that more interesting. Girls like knowing that you have a plan, or a passion, and are willing to work towards it. 
  4. Be Patient. We know we are weird. We are fully aware. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us while we rant, or hold our ice cream cone while we go to the bathroom. I promise it wont be forever, but after its done, it will mean the world to her. 
  5. Be Charitable. I know I kind of touched on this earlier, but its just so important that I have to do it again. Think of others, put their needs first. Don't be too self absorbed. If you put her first, she'll always put you first. 
  6. Hygiene. Self explanatory, but really guys... some of you aren't getting the hint.  
  7. Family. Want to melt a girls heart? Talk about how much you love your family, and be sincere. Knowing that you love and care for your family makes her feel safe. Play with kids and its a done deal. 
  8. Style. Please no socks with sandals or Walmart jeans, I understand you are a poor college student, but you can still dress nice on a dime. Suits, basketball pants, and sperrys are always acceptable. 
  9. Work Ethic. Be Responsible. Girls like to feel safe. Knowing that you take your job/school/church calling seriously lets her know that you are willing to work and provide for her. 
  10. Honesty. Be open and be honest. Without that, there is no trust, and without trust she is left feeling vulnerable and unsure. Be the kind of man she can rely on, the one she always feels comfortable to turn to. You can only develop that through an open and honest heart. 

Maybe I spend too much time dissecting fictional characters... 
But I promise, that if you really care for a girl and want to win her over, these steps will always work. 
Girls... Any comments? Additions? Disagree? Lets help these fellas out. 


Brigham & Jessica said...

I think my favorite is #4 :) It is so important to comfort girls when we are being dramatic and whiney. We are not looking for someone to solve our problems right away or tell us to "stop crying" or that "it's not a big deal." We need someone who will listen and understand.

I'm grateful Brigham is amazing at this!!!

p.s. I would add a boy who does chores. Chores are hot.

The Pingrees said...

Ash and I are reading this at work and dying! SO CUTE. I love this. And all of this is so true.

Men can be great. :) But not Matt Lind.

Kait said...

YES! These are PERFECT! It's like you read my mind! Ironically, I made a list of traits that I look for in a man yesterday when I was bored so this is too funny that you posted this. Hope you don't mind...but I'm going to repost this on my blog, I frequent your blog just because it's entertaining and always makes me smile :)