Friday, March 16, 2012

Life as of Late

Oh hey guys, it's me again. I'm really behind on my blogging. Actually, I'm really behind on most things... but I do what I can right? These past couple of weeks have been so crazy for me, but I love the chaos... it keeps life interesting. My motto is 'Never let yourself get too comfortable', I actually have a lot of mottos, but that's my most recent.

So lets try and put this all in order. A couple of weeks ago, my class took a field trip up to the Natural History Museum in SLC. If you haven't had a chance to go yet, you've got to make the trip. It was really fun to go as a class, we only have 6 students in this class so we've gotten pretty close this last semester. I'd have to say that its been my favorite class at BYU thus far. IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1860 IMG_1863

We brought the dinner club back together... well kinda. Anna, Carson and I would make Italian dinners together every so often last semester. This year it's just Carson and I, but Anna joined us for a night at Terra Mia where we learned how to make Pizza Margarita. In Italy, you have to get a license to make pizza. Legit. We got to talk to their certified Pizza maker in Italian and then got free Pizza! Score for poor college students.

IMG_1959 IMG_1956

Then for the weekend we decided to go visit Farryn in Salt Lake. I saw her cute apartment for the first time and then we headed to dinner, just the girls and Scott (Farryn's boyfriend, what a sport). Aimee and I had been wanting to try this middle eastern place in Salt Lake because I've missed shawarma and she had heard about it from a friend. While we were waiting to be seated, we went next door for desert. They had the BEST gelato I've ever tasted, lemon poppyseed... genius I know.
Also, they let us draw on the tables... so that was a plus.


Then I became deathly ill right before my trip to Seattle. I was feeling a lot like this...


But, luckily, I was feeling a lot better by the time I was leaving for Seattle. I left with (what I thought was) plenty of time. It was a random friday and I thought there would be no trouble getting through security because I never had trouble before. I stepped off the tram from long term parking, got my boarding pass,  and rounded the corner to face an eternity of a line. I was stuck... It was getting down to the wire and by the time I reached the x-ray machines, I only had 15 min until my plane took off. I rushed through security as fast as I could without looking suspicious and took off running towards my terminal. My flight was scheduled to leave in 10 min and I was frantically running down the hallways. I'm looking at the terminal numbers and I realize my gate is the VERY LAST ONE. I'm sure the security tapes provided endless entertainment for employees as I sprinted with my carry-on, almost knocking out two older women. I got to my gate, out of breath and with hope in my eyes as the lady shook her head and said 'you better hurry on'. I ran on to the plane and the attendant had to help put my bag up because I could barely breath. As I sat down in my seat I felt like I needed a round of applause or something, but I was just happy I made it on at all.


It was a beautiful, rainy day in Seattle. I've always been a fan of rain and I loved how everything was so green. I loved driving down the highway with either side of the road lined with tall trees and the occasional break over a choppy lake. I loved the wood houses and the moss growing on trees. I loved how the whole city seemed to be alive and growing. I seriously wouldn't mind moving there. 


Then Saturday was the big day! Emily and Matt had a beautiful wedding and it was such a pleasure to be there to photograph it. We had fun working around the rain and managed to get some really great photographs in the process. You can be expecting those soon :)


And now its starting to feel like spring. The grass is coming in green and it's hoping to stay. The sun has been shining and I haven't needed a coat in almost a week. Everyone is giddy with anticipation for the semester to be over and for new summer adventures to begin. We had a fun outdoor concert the other day. A house across the street had a band playing on the front lawn, so I went out to join some of the other girls in my complex for a show on the grass. Those are the kind of moments that I love. 

IMG_2055 IMG_2057

So spring... I'm ready for you. Exams... I'm so done with you. & life... I'm so into you. 

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Da Bergs said...

I love reading your blog! You write so well!!! AND, you look darling! Are you loosing weight???!!!