Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When I blog, I tend to blog in masses... meaning I don't post anything for days at a time, and then one night I have three separate posts.
But how can I help myself when I run into these gems. I came across Brooke's blog when I was in High School from a friend who knew I loved photography. Three years later, I'm still an avid follower. Not only is she a talented photographer, but I love the way she writes and how she plays with words. It inspires me to really pursue my desire to write expressively, more than just mere events that happen in my life. Plus, she has excellent taste in music. When she posts songs that I already have in my iTunes, its like a reassurance that I have good taste too.

Check out her most recent blog post here.

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Brooke said...

YOU are a DOLL, thank you so much. this little post warms my heart! I need to peek in on your blog more, you are a talented girl