Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

I had a great thanksgiving break spent in the sun.
I caravanned early tuesday morning with my friend Ryan and a couple of other Southern Californians. On our drive down, we couldn't stop talking about how beautiful california was compared to the barren brown and grey of Utah. As we drove through the early fog, and later came into the afternoon sun, we stuck our arms out in front of us to soak in all of that light.
IMG_0720 IMG_0726

My little brother called me about 20 times to ask how soon I was going to be home. "How sweet", I thought, "He misses me so much!"
I pulled up to the curb and walked up my front steps to find this welcome sign for me and my grandma who had flown in earlier that day, accompanied by a giant stuffed bear and my favorite watermelon licorice. 


Little did I know, his frequent phone calls were not, in fact, because he missed me, but rather was aiding in his timing for my 'welcome home' nerf gun attack. Somehow, that was more heart warming than my homemade sign. 


That night I met up with my good friend Tanner, who I haven't seen in 2 whole years! He was out serving a full time mission in Brazil. It was crazy to think that the last time I had seen him was when my friends and I dropped him off at the Missionary Training Center my freshman year. 
We made egg rolls and chatted about our adventures over the past 2 years.


The next day, we drove up to my favorite place in the whole world. 
We spent most of the break up in Oxnard California at my family's beach house. I love the familiar neighborhoods where I learned how to ride a bike and sandy streets where I would drag my neon boogie boards.

IMG_0791 IMG_0790

We baked great food and read on the deck.
I learned how to make this amazing cranberry sauce that was originally meant to be put on turkey burgers, but have adapted to use for salad dressing. Yum. 


Sadly, I have no pictures from thanksgiving day, which we spent at my great uncle's house in Simi Valley. Its the only time of year we get to spend with my dad's extended family, and let me tell you, it is always entertaining. 

My mom, grandma, sisters, and I were chatting about how silly black friday shopping is. It is too stressful, and the deals sometimes aren't worth all the stress, energy, and fighting. We swore we would never wake up to face the crowds, that is, until I got an e-mail from Anthropologie saying they were opening at 6 a.m. with %50 percent off the sale price. 
Ummm what?! We set our alarms for early the next morning.
We got up a little later than planned, and ended up at anthro around 7. There was already an hour long wait to check out.
We rushed to the back and grabbed everything we could find in our sizes and stalked the girls who would return the unwanted items from the dressing room. We were our own worst nightmares. We waited 2 hours in line to check, and we noticed that by the end of the line, people were saying goodbye to each other as if they were good friends.


What a great Dad/Husband/boyfriend (not sure which) who acted as a cloths protector while sleeping in Anthopologie's oversized chair. 


It was such a fun weekend and a perfect break for me.
I loved my morning run on the beach, watching the dedicated surfers and listening to my favorite wispy tunes. I love the beach.

IMG_0792 IMG_0807

In an ending note: I sometimes tell people how funny my family is. So I decided to gather proof. Unknowingly to my family, I recorded some great one liners for evidence.

"I want Lady Gaga to sing at my wedding" - Paige

"You should be crying out of shame!" - Dad (after I shot my grandma with a nerf gun from across the room.)

"If you say it with a British accent, it's just not offensive anymore" - Mom (regarding foul language)

"I could run you over and they would probably think I did it on accident because I am an Asian female" - My hilarious LAPD aunt. Who is in fact an Asian female.

"If its war and violent, I'll go see it" - Grandma (regarding rated R movies)

"We should have borrowed a handicapped sticker and I would have limped" - Grandma on black friday.

"If you sat next to me wearing that, I would move"- Grandma (regarding a bright pink blouse I showed her)

"The Asian guy is going to win because Asians are so pushy"
"What do you mean this is the land of the free? This is the land of the brave"- Grandma (regarding parking lot fights on black friday)

"You have never used an ATM?!"-Mom
"I just barely got a microwave" - Grandma

"I should sit in the front, I'm expendable" - Grandma (regarding the drive home)

"I need to start lying, I just tell the truth automatically" - Mom

obviously, my grandma is the funny one.

Now let's get ready for Christmas!

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