Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am obsessed with all things Italian.
And I am not using that term lightly.
The other day I was talking to Aimee and I legitimately asked "What if my husband is an Italian man and I have to go there in order to find him?! Then we can get married in the Rome temple and we can live in a villa in the country."
Yeah... borderline crazy for actually thinking that might be real.

Anyways. It all started with a $200 Italian text book. That part I wasn't too happy about. But I absolutely love learning a new language. Its so beautiful and I feel so classy whenever I say anything in Italian.

I've made great friends in my class and we started an underground Italian dinner group where we make Italian food, play Italian games, and you guessed it... speak Italian to each other. Granted I'm not that good... but I love it.

I went and spoke to my counselor today regarding classes and what I need to do in order to complete my Humanities major and she was laughing at me because of how giddy I was when she talked about the requirements. 5 semesters of Italian... I'm going to be a pro... & the best part is that I have to complete an internship, study abroad, or field study in Italy! I almost died right then and there. She talked to me about the wonderful experience it would be and how much it would benefit my education... I don't think she realized I was already sold.

So now I'm obsessed with all things Italian. Its kind of pathetic. Blasting Italian songs in the car, playing Italian games on my iphone, gelato.

Take me now.

p.s. who can count how many times I said Italian. Told you I was obsessed.

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