Monday, October 17, 2011

Because I'm Cool

Guys. Here is the thing.
Why do I love blogging at the most inopportune times?
Probably because that's all the time I have.
I could be doing this, I could be doing that. No.. I want to blog.
Why I do this to myself, I don't know.
But I do know that I love to blog. Whether anyone reads it or not. I like it. and I don't like studying. So that probably explains it.
So here I am blogging, while the responsible roommate types away to her finished assignments. Maybe she will think that I am typing a paper too with all this click clacking of the keyboard. I will let her think that.

So this is what I have been up to.


It's called the Heidi braid. I found a tutorial on YouTube. Despite my frowney face... I loved it. Super easy, and when I wear them I feel like I have an alternate personality... One that belongs in Sound of Music. 
**Hint: Girls think its cute. Boys don't.


Construction on our street. I would love to melt those orange cones and fill the holes in the road with them. What an eye soar on my pretty walk home. 


As mentioned in a previous post. I love all things Italian. Including my "Italian Friends"... You could say we have quite the posse in my class. This past week we had a dinner group where we made this delicious meal and played Italian card games... which I won. I'll have to take it home and play with the Bergquist family, maybe then I'll have a shot at winning. 


Fall means tights. YES.


It also means boots. BIGGER YES.


Also, I was seriously tempted to run through the sprinklers the other day. How dreamy does this look? Am I really allowed to be in college when these thoughts constantly run through my head?


Update: I'm never going to get married because I can't make chocolate chip cookies. Its just not in the cards for me I guess. 


Shopping at Costco. I feel like a mom every time I walk out to the car with my cart full of fruits and veggies. Trying to squeeze in as many peaches as I can before they are all gone. Also, my pumpkin obsession is on hold for the next 19 days. Our apartment started a no sweets diet for 21 days (2 days down and I haven't given up yet... its a miracle)


Because of the diet previously mentioned... my scooby snacks turned into almonds in my art history class today. 

When people ask "What have you been up to?" and the default answer is always "You know, just school and work and church stuff..." Maybe I should be as honest as I am in my blog and respond "Just the usual, jumping through sprinklers, planning out my future as cookie-less cook, watching YouTube tutorials, and eating almonds in class..." I wonder what the response would be.

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Da Bergs said...

Did I read that right??? Did you say you would come home and teach the Bergquist a card game... and that you would have a chance to WIN??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA LOVE YOU!!! :)