Friday, October 14, 2011

gotta cut loose

How is it 9:00 at night and I've just finished all my work for the week.
I like you school, but I don't like you that much.

Now that its all done... I'm headed to see footloose with the girls.
I was an extra in the play my Freshman year so I'm getting ready for a major flashback. Although, I'm a little sad that Zach Effron isn't taking over for Kevin Bacon... actually I'm more than a little sad. But hey, whats a teeny bopper to do?

I wonder if this guy can out dance Kevin Bacon...

 Hope you all have a superb weekend
(I was going to use the word lovely, but I think that phrase is way overdone in the blogging world. Just saying.)


Courtney Jacobson said...

the movie is AMAZING and i'm now obsessed with it!!!

Jessica said...

Um, can Kevin B be outdanced? I doubt it. His moves and outfit, unbeatable.