Monday, May 23, 2011

Pump up the jamzzz

Got that summer playlist stared...

The New Fleet Foxes CD
Jack Johnson. Necessary.
Crash - Dave Matthews Band
Big Jet Plane (Acoustic version will blow your mind) - Angus and Julia Stone
Shake Me Down - Cage the Elephant
You Already Know - Bombay Bicycle Club
Brackett WI - Bon Iver
Talk - Coldplay
Home - Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
Give Into Me - from the movie "Country Strong" (must see)
Pasadena - Modern Skirts
Warmer Climate - Snow Patrol
Jumper - Third Eye Blind

What is on your playlist?
Most replayed song on your ipod?
Anything I should add to mine?
Speaking of music.
I've decided to teach myself guitar.
I've always wanted to learn & I think this summer is the summer to do it.
I'm building those calluses and watching a lot of youtube.
I can kind of suffer through "Kiss Me" by Six Pence None the Richer and that about it. But hey, its a start, and starting is the hardest part. Or so I'm told.
Anyone else make summer goals?

My influences may or may not have been...
Country Strong. This movie made me melt.
Leighton Meester is my girl crush.
Audrey Hepbrun. She just looks good with a guitar in her arms. Lets be honest, she always looks good.


Jessica said...

You should add "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton. Cause I love it. And I love "Give Into Me" too! Shweet.

Zoe said...

YES YES YES :) Oh my, baby girl. Spot on with the playlist. I'm obsessed with Give In To Me, as well - also, I was recently introduced to the band The XX? Look them up - listen to Heart Skipped a Beat, Island, and Basic Space. Tell me what you think. Also, add Jolene by Ray LaMontagne onto the list, as well as I Don't Think So, by Priscilla Ahn. And if you haven't been listening to Lenka's new CD, GET ON IT because it's so so good!! Everything's OK, Heart Skips a Beat, Roll With the Punches, Sad Song...ahh they're all so good :) I miss you.

Heidi Haglund said...

please add some "crystal stilts" to your list somewhere. miss you, love you, can't wait to see you, i want you, oh baby, oh baby.