Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LA Field Trip

Every time I log on Facebook, I find that I have at least 5 notifications that involve various Jerusalem Family Reunions, all of which I can not attend considering I am stationed in CA for the summer.
The great this about being in CA is that fun and friends are never too far away. Luckily I have a couple JC friends nearby... one of which has agreed to put up with me and my post Jerusalem field trips. Austen Anderson lives just north of LA and I live just south of it giving us a great meeting spot.
Since most of my friends from home are scattered across the globe, Austen is my closest friend who also has no life. First I met up with him and his little sister in Santa Monica for a short little beach trip where we lounged, chatted, body surfed, paddle balled, and beached.

Since Austen leaves for Utah soon, we tried to fit in one more little field trip in LA before he left. We decided on a little hike up to the Hollywood sign that I had always wanted to try. We hiked up in the hot sun and talked about our favorite JC memories and the people that we missed the most... which just happened to be everyone. It was nice to talk about Jerusalem with someone who completely understood.

Our plans were to head to the Getty afterwards but I botched the idea seeing as we would only have an hour and a half in the museum and that couldn't possibly be enough time there. So we opted to driving down Sunset Blvd until we found someplace to eat. We came across a little pizza place that looked sanitary enough to eat at. We each ordered a slice of pizza that turned out to be "large enough to wrap around our heads" (direct quote from Austen). We joked about how we would never be able to eat the whole thing and then ended up licking the plate clean.

We had fun... and sadly Sir Austen has to head up to Utah for the rest of the summer... But luckily I still have the amazing, talented, beautiful, popular, Lani Livingston here with me all summer. It was nothing short of fate that our families both planned trips to Hawaii the same week, therefor we will be catching up on the shores of Oahu and will be inseparable for the rest of the summer.

Bring on the sun.
Summer 2011.


Thayne said...

It's about time. I had no blog posts to read for two weeks so I had to read two books. Really???

Jessica said...

Okay, this is so cool! You look adorable, and I love these adventures.