Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beach Baby

Title inspired by this song.
I always loved growing up in CA
When I'm away for school, up to my knees in snow,
I dream of summers down in Huntington beach.

I remember sitting outside the boarder patrol from Egypt to Israel, I was sitting on a wall off of the road and just started watching the ocean. It was one of those moments when a certain smell or sound will bring back a flood of memories.

So while I'm home for the summer, I've made it a goal it get skinny, get tan, and get to the beach as often as I possibly can. Today I went down with the family and our friends the Bergquists. (We have been commenting on how the word "friend" isn't really enough, family seems more appropriate than friend). We stopped on the way for Cafe Rio and ate our salads on the beach (whoever decided to open a Cafe Rio in Huntington has my heart). We had a great time just lounging, chatting, and literally soaking up the sun. I would argue that there is no better feeling than the sun on your face and the sand in your toes.

Side note. They had a 50 percent off sidewalk sale where Diana and I got matching scarfs and Toms. At least we think they are scarfs... but don't worry, we came up with plenty of alternatives for these puppies.
Post. Script. I found out that my amazing mother bought us tickets to see The Civil Wars in concert in a couple weeks. Best news of the day. Haven't heard them? Check it out...

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Da Bergs said...

I think we are family too! I love coming and reading your blog! I love you!