Monday, April 2, 2012

Palm Sunday

What with April Fools happening yesterday, I had almost forgotten all about Palm Sunday. 
Palm Sunday isn't something that I had ever celebrated before... but last year while in Jerusalem, we got to walk with thousands of other Christians on the path that Jesus took as he rode upon a donkey into the city of Jerusalem. I don't think I ever had the chance to post about it, so why not be a year late? 

That morning, we got a group together for waffles in West Jerusalem. There is nothing on earth that is quite as heavenly as a waffle bar. 

Then we headed back to the Jerusalem Center to meet up with everyone and begin the palm sunday walk! By the time we had gotten there, most of the palms were gone. So we had to make do with other kinds of palms...

It was amazing to see all the different cultures, countries, languages, and people that were all there to celebrate the savior. We sang together (or mumbled, when we didn't know the language), we danced together, we clapped together, and mostly walked together. 

Happy Palm Sunday everyone.
This week I'll be re-reading my journal entries as we went through the last week of the saviors life.
I cannot believe that I left Jerusalem almost a year ago.
Who pressed the fast forward button? 


Ben & Cassie said...

WOW-What an amazing experience, I am in a New Testament class right now and now it makes more sense, Palm Sunday! Ps-after I got home from work the other day, I read like every post you have ever written, love your blog!

Ben & Cassie said...

Ps-tagged you in a post today, only do it if you want/are bored/want to talk about yourself haha. Just thought I would let you know

Mrs. Bowden said...

Oh waffle bar...oh Palm Sunday...oh Jerusalem. I miss it.