Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Days

Last weekend was LDS General Conference! Which is basically Mecca for Mormons.
Aimee and her family got tickets for the Saturday morning session, so I got to go with them.
Afterwards, we went to her sisters house to watch the afternoon session while eating pancakes and playing with the babies. Conference is always more fun with babies.
Since it was April Fools, Zoe and I thought it would be funny to play the over obvious facebook prank of "I'm Preggers" and "I'm Engaged" by combining them together. We sure fooled them!

IMG_2258 IMG_2253 IMG_2260 IMG_2273

Since the Sun has been out, all I've wanted to do is go camping. 
We took a quick trip to the park with Cafe Rio on Saturday and it was heavenly.
We put on our summer shorts, brought our favorite books, and rolled around in the grass. 
Nothing makes me happier than good friends, bright sun, and fresh air.

IMG_2250 IMG_2246

Things in Provo have been very pink. I adore this tree outside of our apartment. When the wind blows, the tiny pink leaves fall outside of our door, decorating the walkway like pastel confetti. I also saw this recipe on Pinterest for chocolate donuts with a blood orange glaze... Lets just say that not everything on Pinterest is as appetizing as it looks. 

IMG_2222 IMG_2207

Also, my mama came into town! It was fun to see my family and make time to just relax. My mom took me grocery shopping and bought me these beautiful yellow sunflowers. Flowers are a definite weakness of mine. I hope to have an endless supply of flowers in my kitchen when I grow up. 
We also went up to SLC to see Young the Giant perform. My mama has excellent taste in music, thank heavens for that. 

IMG_2301 IMG_2296

Lastly, I've been bashing my brains out writing this paper about the Dome of the Rock. I spent probably around 15-20 hours writing, researching, and editing it and I still was flipping through the pages before I turned it in. It came out to be around 17 pages total, with the addition of all of my research printed out and highlighted for my teacher. As hard as it was, I slightly enjoyed writing it and reliving my love for Jerusalem and Islamic art. However, it completely wore me out, which is bad considering finals are in a week. After that I am California bound. 

IMG_2304 IMG_2292

Lets see if I can make it out alive. Wishing you all happy days ahead!

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Ben & Cassie said...

A concert with your mom? That must mean you have one cool mama! I love conference weekend and spring and blankets too, oh remember when it snowed today? haha happy easter