Friday, April 13, 2012

Camping Ya'll

Ever since Winter has been "over", I've been itching to go camping. 
I never really used to be an "outdoorsy" kind of girl. Who knows, maybe I'm still not all that outdoorsy. 
But after all the hiking I did in Jerusalem and a camping trip last summer, I've been dying to get out in the woods again. I loved packing up the trail mix and throwing all our gear in the back of the car. I loved staying up late, counting the stars and letting my skin soak in the smell of the fire. I loved waking up to the sunshine and hearing the birds in the trees. Since it's still too cold (and we are too busy) to actually GO camping... Aimee and I decided we'd set up camp in our living room. It wasn't as rewarding as real camping, but it was nice to have things like a bathroom at our disposal. 

IMG_1129 IMG_1132 IMG_1134 IMG_1139 IMG_1140

Okay, I'm a looser.
You caught me.

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