Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Upper Class

Wait a min.
I'm about to be a Junior in College.
When did I get old?

I've been moved into my apartment for about a week now.
Moved in... not unpacked.

Its been nice to be back in provo.
I've got most of my stuff put away and the ironing board is up in the middle of my room as I try to smooth and hang the last of my cloths from my suitcase.

The groceries are put away.
I got Spencer to build me a bookshelf (what a man)
and I hoaxed Ryan to put together the TV/DVD player.
I've hung (almost) all of my frames.
I dropped a hammer on my foot. OUCH.
I've been to Yogurtland 4 times.
Found out the Zupas got rid of my favorite sandwich.

I tried putting up shelves.
& I gave up.

I bought all of my books.. used!
(The advantage of coming 2 weeks early, they still have the cheap ones for sale!)
& I think I'm just about ready to start actually living in Provo again.
I've been gone for about 9 months and Its crazy to see how much it hasn't changed at all, just because I've changed so much in that past 9 months.

We don't have internet in our apartment yet.
I'll be on that tomorrow.

In the mean time I'll be making little trips to the library where its still pretty empty and all the comfy chairs (with footrests!) are still available.

Also, I turn 20 in less than a week. What?!.

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