Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Beach House

The Beach House is probably one of my favorite spots on earth.
My Grandma used to live there and most of my favorite childhood memories are going to visit her on the weekends and holidays. I remember fireworks on the beach, my dad scraping tar off my feet, my grandma rubbing a real live aloe vera plants over my bright red sun burns, playing dress up, eating donuts on saturday mornings, and watching my grandma paint.
After she passed away, our family inherited the beach house
& while we have been making some much needed changes recently,
I'm glad to know we are making sure it keeps its character.

Look at my trendy grandma with her cat eye glasses and my cute little dad with that hood on. My mom found these old polaroids and thought it would be cool to have them blown up and put on canvas. We think of them as a little memorial to my Grandma.

Last weekend we met up with some family friends for a long weekend relaxing at the beach. My mom grew up with Carla and I grew up with them as family. Its been a while since we've all been back together and it felt like a mini family reunion.

Just the usual fake love photos.
Sorry mom.
I know you would love to share grand babies with Carla, but its just not going to happen.
Showing off our good sides.
Lion Mask...?
Kiefer and Syd. Award winners for cutest brother sister combo. Just enough love without it being creepy.

While we were out there, my dad so graciously allowed my sister Paige and I to go fishing with him and Tracy. The girls going on a man date. We headed out on the boat for fishing at twilight and it was one of the coolest things ever. Watching the sunset on the ocean was one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced, it made you feel like you were a part of it all, rather than just watching it. We didn't catch any fish :( :( :( but it was still really fun. I didn't take too many pictures because I was afraid I would fall overboard with my camera.
I think I want to buy a sail boat now, I loved experiencing the beach from the ocean side of things. Plus, that Zach Effron movie convinced me to be a sailor so I could fall in love with a good looking sailor and sail across the world together.

Look at those colors. I didn't do any editing at all to this photo. Literally straight out of the camera. This is what it really looked like, then add in the sound and smell of the ocean and you are in heaven.
To me, the beach house is the epitome of summer.
Its the place where nothing else matters.
It sucks out all your worries and you have no choice but to relax and enjoy the sunshine, or the fog, but either way you are happy.


Farryn said...

loved the part about zac effron, i got a good chuckle! hahah

Dev & Di said...

Dev and I want a sailboat so badly! We'll share our with you guys if we happen to get one first!

Kaitlin Marie Photography said...

Deal. how do you guys feel about living in the Santa Barbara area? I hear they are looking for dental assistants!

Da Bergs said...

Love your pics!!

Emma Frances said...

I just read your guest post over on silly little love/the newlywed pingrees. It. Was. Amazing! And so is your photography! Thanks for being so inspiring. :] {} (I commented over there too if you want to check it out!)