Thursday, July 28, 2011


This past week I've been working with the lovely Harper twins every day.
I go to work at the office from 8-lunch and then head over to the Harpers from 4 until 8 the next morning. With my parents off in Oxnard and my sister taking the truck back to work with her I've only had one way to get to work. Walking.

I was kind of excited about it at first.. "I could run to work every day and then I'll get my exercise in!" But then I remembered I had to lug around my sleeping stuff for the night in a giant backpack. Oh yeah, and its 100 degrees outside.

To make the trek more bearable, I stuck in my ipod and pulled out my camera. While the drive to the Harpers is approximately 5 min, the walk takes me about 20 in the heat and walking uphill the entire way. I've driven up that road countless times, but as usual, when I slowed down I noticed a lot of things about my old street that I had either forgotten about or was too busy to notice.

Like the funny weeds growing from the cracks in the sidewalk.

Or how much I realized I love street names as opposed to the number system in Utah. It adds character and I've realized I have an attachment to the street names as I associate friends and memories with each one in my neighborhood.

Or how much I miss old mailboxes. I have to admit, I was quite upset when we moved and my new mailbox was one of those funny key ones where you have to walk a block to get your mail. Plus, I always loved getting to put up the little red flag when I wanted to send a letter.


But mostly, I loved to see they way the world interacts with different colors, shapes, and textures. I always take my hometown for granted, just because its what I've always known. But on my little walks to work every day this week, I've found plenty of things that I love about this little old town.




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