Thursday, July 21, 2011


So after weeks, I'm finally getting to my posts about my trip to Utah.
I had so much fun catching up with friends and being able to just hang around.


Jessica Madson visiting me at my apartment. I've missed her WAY too much. She just got her mission call to the Baltic's speaking Lithuanian. She will be the best sister missionary.

4th of July we went to the fair in Provo where I was tempted to buy a temporary Hamsa tatoo.

Then Aimee and I headed over to a Jerusalem Reunion at Kevin's apartment. We ate yummy food and went swimming where some guy brought out 2 air mattresses. Where he got them from I have no idea.

That Thursday night we decided we would go camping and bring out 2 kayaks for fun. As the day approached, the boys were thinking of backing out because there was supposed to be a famous Utah thunderstorm that night. The girls, however, were not willing to give up the trip...besides camping in the rain sounds fun, like an adventure! "Have you ever been camping in the rain before?" Austen asks... no, actually we haven't.


We finally talked the boys into going, and I'm so glad we did because we had so much fun. We got there thursday night and set up camp. The boys so graciously set up their tents under the trees, with the most shelter, while the girls got the end of the slope, where all the rain water would run off to. But we didn't care because we were just so happy to be there.


Then the girls took off on the kayak, after about a 15 min walk trying to find where in the world we could load into the water. We paddled around and just talked. We talked about the world around us and how beautiful Utah is in the summer. After about an hour, we headed back in to find that the boys had started dinner. We had delish tin foil dinner (one of my absolute favorites) in the dark. Then the girls, and spencer, sat around the fire and did more of what we do best, we talked. While Austen and Cory went fishing.


The next day we got up and had breakfast, donuts provided by spencer, thank you spencer for being prepared when I forgot our food in the freezer. oops. & then headed back out on to the water. The boys went fishing while the girls paddled around singing and laughing. The boys had threatened to tip our boats over so we were staying away from them as long as possible. We decided it was time to go meet up with them, and realized that they were going to be true to their word, and ended up tipping us over into the water. Which ended up being loads of fun, and we wondered why we didn't just jump in the first place. So after getting soaked and attempting to swim back to shore ourselves, the boys picked us up and we headed back to dry land.


I loved camping. Seriously LOVED it. I can't wait to go again this fall. Even if its just by myself. & p.s. the thunderstorm never happened.

The rest of the week was spent riding scooters around provo, shopping, eating, and reminiscing with my Jerusalem friends, as well as a visit to the Hanses where we talked for hours about our friends and how much we missed them. I can't believe those boys have been on their missions for a whole year now.

The highlight of the trip was Jessica's wedding, which is coming soon.
I miss you Utah! See you in a month!


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