Friday, July 29, 2011

Checked Out

Not going to lie. I feel as if I've checked out of summer.
List of things I wanted to get done?
Museums I wanted to visit?
Books I wanted to read?
Movies I wanted to watch.
Still in my netflix que.

I guess thats what happens when you realize paying for school/food/gas/fun in college takes priority over the relaxing summer you were planning. It causes you to stuff that wish list in the back of your mind as you focus on balancing two jobs and still trying to stay sane.

I learned a lot this summer about myself and where I want to go. But all this learning and growing has left me exhausted. I never thought I would ever say this, but I'm very excited to go back to school. I'm excited about my major. I'm excited that every class in my schedule is something that I actually care about. I'm excited to be with my friends again.

So I'm checking out of summer. I'm checking out of being grown up again for a while, and trying to hold on to my last month of being an official teenager. I'm checking out of changing diapers and checking spreadsheets. I don't like being grown up... can't I put it off for a little while longer?

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