Monday, February 21, 2011

Study Break

I always loved the idea of study breaks.
I indulge in them often.
Despite the fact that it is 10:30 p.m.
& I still have about 8 pages of mid term to type up
before the night is through...

I am taking a study break.
Because of I don't I'm sure my head will
blow up
p.s. I cut my own bangs yesterday.
I missed them.
Glad to have you back swoop bangs.

Quick Thanks to Donovan and Jessica for coming up to the Library to put me out of my misery. You guys are the best. Although I think I need to apologize to Brock and Danielle for having to put up with our loud voices.

Donovan is my JC Dad.
He gives good Dad hugs.
& He is motivating me to start anew.
He pointed out my faults:
1. debt (I owe 24 shekels to the snack bar)
2. procrastination
and is lovingly helping me recover
by forcing me to study with him
sometime before the night before it's due.
Thanks Donny

Jessica is my JC Mommy
She wakes me up in the morning.
She notices the little things
like how my face looks in the mirror
when I am getting ready for the day.
She constantly reminds me
that I'm not a lunatic.
She encourages me to eat healthy foods.
& she is my best friend.
Thanks Jasper


Kels H. said...

y'all have nice teeth.

Jess said...

How many people get to study abroad with their best friend? I do! And now you're stuck being friends with me forever because of all these memories we're making.

mkoconnor said...

and you made fun of me for cutting my bangs... but you did a better job than i did
ps this is kelsey