Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friend Focus

Today marks the day of my first
Friend Focus!

Jessica Bassett had a wonderful idea to start blogging about her friends and people here at the Jerusalem Center so all you followers can get to know the JC clan. So like every good blogger does, I'm going to steal her idea.

So the honor of my first friend focus goes to...
Joshua Benson Steele

Here are some things I love about Joshua

He likes the color blue
because it matches his eyes

He takes funny videos

He is kind of a creep

He gets my jokes

We both like Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips straight from the bag

He always says nice things about everyone

He is so much fun to be around because he knows how to lighten the mood

He knows how to take a verbal beating from us girls

He is very entertaining

He looks like a lion?

He has funny polar bear pajamas

Memorable Quotes by Joshua

"I'm making a parkour video, slide down that railing"

"I was going to G-chat you to say thank you but you weren't online"

"Your eyes look like dirty water"

"Worst. Video. Ever."

Your the best Joshua!

1 comment:

Jess said...

And you can add to that list: He is such a gentleman for carrying our purses up the hill and offering to dress my wound.