Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Potty Training

Being in Jerusalem has introduced me to a plethora of new experiences.
One that I never expected to experience here was Potty Training.
My calling in the Jerusalem Branch is Sunbeam teacher, and let me just say its the best calling ever! We have 3 kids in our class that come regularly: Kaelen, Jacob, and Emily. Three of the funniest, craziest, sweetest, most amazing kids you will ever meet.
Teaching them has taught me so much already, I think its really prepared me to be a mom in multiple ways (don't worry, not anytime soon). As mentioned before, Potty Training has been one of those ways.

This past Sabbath, Kaelen's mom informed me that he was just starting to potty train. She said that he was really great about telling her when he needed to go, and if he said anything just to take him to the bathroom. Right when his mom started sharing time, Kaelen tells me that he has to go. So me, with my little potty training experience, escorted him over to the mens room and let him in thinking I could just wait for him outside. Mistake. After locking himself him a couple times, he finally opens the door and I ask him if he finished. He then exclaims "I went poo" and proceeds to shake his leg, and out of his pant leg, he gives me the proof. I had no idea what to do. Luckily Sister Jackson was walking by at that moment to give me aid. I felt so silly, of course I was supposed to go in with him and help him, It didn't even cross my mind.

Then we went to class where Addie gave a great lesson on the Holy Ghost. I love being in class with them because I'm always amazed at how much they know and that they are actually listening to what we are saying. Plus, they provide loads of entertainment. During class, Kaelen told me that he needed to go again. This time I was prepared. We went into the girls bathroom this time where I could help him. When he was able to use the potty without leaving anything on the floor, I felt like the proudest mother on the planet. It is so much fun to be able to work with these children. When I got the call to be a primary teacher, I was a little uneasy. I always thought that I was better with older children, give me the Young Women and I am golden. I love love love children, but to be honest, the idea of being responsible for the foundation of their testimonies was really frightening. But since being with the sunbeams, I feel like I've learned more then I have taught. I love working with these children, when they answer a question correctly, or when Jacob gives me a big hug at the end of class, when Emily tells me she would rather sit on my lap, or when Kaelen uses the bathroom, I am the happiest person on the planet.

My experience as a Sunbeam teacher really has shown me that the Lord does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called. I had no idea how to be a good teacher and to help these children, but through the blessings of the Lord, I am learning more and more every day. Amongst all the amazing experiences I am having here as far as Biblical study goes, I am growing in ways that I never would have imagined. I am now a master potty trainer, butterfly kisser, crayon collector, sunbeam wrangler.

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E-Roz said...

Hi, I love you! And I was cracking up when I read this post :) P.S. you are an amazing photographer.