Tuesday, February 22, 2011

done done done

I literally spent ALL DAY
doing homework.
I feel so studious.
I think I have done more homework here
than in all of high school.

Luckily I had Donovan to keep me sane.
I affectionately call him dad
(as mentioned before)
but my other little nickname is
little brother
because I am so much more mature than him.
As made obvious by the following pictures.

This is me and Donovan fighting in the Library
thanks Donny for allotting me my "play time" today.
& thanks to the wonderful and talented Emily Iroz
for sneakily capturing this on your macbook.

Sorry my posts have been SO boring.
But so am I.

P.S. I totally won the fight
thanks to intensive training from
Paige and Marielle


Thayne said...

How can you say that your posts are boring when you provide such good descriptions of potty training, being married in a Egyptian Sook and experiences in the Middle East? Are you kidding me? I am a daily reader.

mkoconnor said...

Donovan is supposed to be protecting YOU while you're there, NOT needing protection FROM you.

Farryn said...

haha the P.S. made me laugh out loud because its so true..
ITS FUNNY CAUSE ITS TRUE!!!!(said in a jace voice)