Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Realistic Wishlist.

Okay okay... So maybe my last wish list wasn't exactly realitic... I mean a 1,500 dress? Get Real. So I am. Here are things that I've had my eye on that I could actually use.

Idea Journal: I've been wanting to start an Idea Journal... a place where I can keep everything that inspires me: a magazine cut out, a certain poem, photograph, flyer, a recipe, just anything at all. And as long as were getting real, this idea journal would have to be pretty dang cute. Luckily Anthro has come through for me again.. check out these eye popping journals.

Books: I LOVE books. I could spend hours in the library just walking up and down the isles looking at all the different kinds of books. You can find a book on ANYTHING.
Here are a couple I've found that I think I would enjoy.

What Would Audrey Do? (I'm not so secretly obsessed with her)
The Satorialist - I am a daily blog stalker. I would love the book.
Sense and Sensibility -Check out that cover art, I already have Pride and Prejudice && Jane Eyre. I drool over how pretty they are. I want them all!
Other People's Love Letters - A book compiled entirely of love notes. If I had a coffee table, this would be on top.
All About Me- This would be for Paige

Comfy, Oversized Sweaters

This Bunny Sweater from Urban makes me smile.
Love this Cable Knit sweater for winter to wear with skinny jeans and winter boots.

And I have to post something unrealistic... which would be THESE gloves. To die for.

Also I would love some colorful scarfs to take to jerusalem..

Pretty Lace Dresses(:

&& Some sort of brown messenger bag to bring along to Jerusalem

What are some of your current obsessions?

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