Thursday, February 23, 2012


Every once in a while it's good to make a thankful list. Actually, maybe more than once in a while.

  1. Clean Sheets
  2. High Heels
  3. Best Friends
  4. Presidents Day
  5. Prayer
  6. Subwoofers
  7. A Job
  8. Spooky Wind
  9. The Smell of Books
  10. Spell Check 
  11. British Accents 
  12. Pinterest 
  13. My Parents
  14. Sunburns 
  15. Personal Revelation 
  16. Change
  17. Wheat Pancakes 
  18. Razors 
  19. The Book of Mormon
  20. Striped Shirts


.kaitlyn. said...


mkoconnor said...

13? I mean I'm glad we made the list, but I hope this is not ranked in order of importance.

Kaitlin Marie Photography said...

Call me crazy, but I love the sunburn feeling. Weird.

& it's definitely not in order of importance, because striped shirts would be listed first.