Sunday, February 12, 2012

A jumbled mess.

This post has absolutely no direction. Its cool.

Do you ever feel like life seasons have moods? I do. I've been loving the chill season lately. 
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I tried the whole 'Middle Part' look and as much as I know you don't care, I have the urge to ask what you think.


I went and gave blood the other day. It was the first time since I donated in Jerusalem and I had forgotten how much I love doing it. You literally save multiple lives by merely sitting in a chair as they drain your blood away. I'm okay with that. Also, I loved the irony of playing this song... one of my all time favorites.  


Zoe and I took a night to go see her friends play in SLC. They opened for Parachute and I have to say that the Tessa Barton Band stole the show. They have an incredible story and the talent to back it up. We stopped for Chipotle on the way up and made a fun night out of it. 

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I asked this boy to be my Valentine this year. I absolutely adore my little brother. My mom told me that he comes home from school and checks his Facebook first thing to see if I've sent him a message. He recently passed me in height... making me now the shortest child in the family despite being the oldest. Stop growing up. 


For Valentines day this year, the girls and I finally fulfilled a life long dream of ours. We had a 'I Hate Valentines Day, But Not Really' party. We really aren't bitter, but we just thought hitting a pinata looked like a lot of fun. Afterwards, we went to see the midnight showing of 'The Vow'. I love love loved the movie, but I love just about anything with Channing Tatum in it. Also, we figured out that it only takes two weeks to fall in love with Channing. In 'Dear John' and "The Vow' both girls admitted it took them 2 weeks to fall in love. Congrats Channing. 

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On a side note, I've been fawning over these posters around Provo. Each day there is a new love letter to be found by scanning the code. Every time I read them I pretend they were written for me. Talk about hopeless romantic. 

IMG_1671 IMG_1683 

Also, I came across this old FB status the other day. In 10 short months I'll be $100 richer. #ToldYouSo.


& because I hate to leave you without a song...


Thayne said...

Excellent random post. RE the bet with Dallin--you win either way.

Farryn said...

i love this post!

Dev & Di said...

Can I just tell you that I love love love reading your blog. I love the allegory of the cave... I once wrote a paper on it because I sometimes feel the exact same way. Your hipster music is my hipster music. Keep asking questions... And exploring yourself and the world. You remind me of myself at your age. Ps- have you taken world religion? My favorite class by far in college... We use to meditate :)