Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walk like an Egyptian

Well more specifically Egypt. But for the purpose of this ridiculously ugly picture I generalized to the African continent, which Egypt is a part of.
See look...

I still can't believe it. After countless orientations on how to use the "squaties" (squatting toilets) we are packing up!

Today was an absolutely amazing day...
I got to sleep in until 8!
The I headed up to sacrament meeting.
Because I slept in I missed choir practice I got to sit in the audience and hear them perform while gazing over this beautiful view

We had an AMAZING rendition of "Come Follow Me" on the Piano and Violin.
Along with that, we had 3 really excellent talk, one given by a return sister missionary. When she spoke it just confirming the fact that I really would love to serve a mission. We learned about faith, repentance, and the power to change.
It was a very powerful sacrament meeting.

Then I had the wonderful opportunity to go teach Primary(:
I absolutely love being with my Sunbeams
Jessica taught sharing time and did an excellent job!
Our lesson today was on the power of prayer,
so we talked about the story of Daniel in the lions den and then acted it out!
Jacob made an amazing lion, Emily was a beautiful little angel, I had the pleasure of playing Daniel. Its so much fun to work with these children, I love them so much.

Afterwards, we got a group and headed towards the Garden of Gethsemane.
We got to walk through the Orson Hyde Garden and Jessi gave me the great idea of bringing my ipod and listening to church music.
When we got to the Garden of Gethsemane, they let our group into the private garden.
We all found our own little spots within the garden to read, ponder, and write in our journals. It was cool to think that we were all there, writing about and pondering the same event that has had such an impact in each of our lives. The sacrifice that the Jesus Christ made for us means something different for each person, but ultimately it means that we are able to be made perfect in him.

I was looking through my scriptures and I found this amazing set of verses
D&C 18:10-21
&& It just hit me again, I am so blessed to have the knowledge of my savior and to have the restored Gospel in my life today. I would love to serve a full time mission, to be able to change other people's lives the way that this church has changed mine. I was brought to this amazing place for a reason, and I believe that it wasn't only for my own personal growth, but to share my experiences with others and bring them to the knowledge of their savior and his love for them. Whether I do this by serving a mission, writing on my blog, or magnifying my calling, the greatest blessing is to bless the lives of others.

All in all today was a wonderful day filled with the spirit and immense peace.
Every day I spend here in the Holy Land brings me closer to my savior.

&& now I'm off to finish packing for Egypt! I won't be bringing my computer with me so I'll be out of touch for the next week! I'll be sure to return with a million pictures and plenty of stories to tell. Some of which includes Luxor, Cairo, The Great Pyramids, Boating on the Nile River, Camel Rides, so on and so forth:)


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