Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day One: Jerusalem

I don't even know where to begin. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most amazing place on earth. I knew it as soon as the plane hit the runway and everyone started clapping. After traveling for 24 hours I'm actually here.

Mom, you said you want to know everything. Thats a tall order but I'll try!

I'm going to skip over the boring plane stuff because I only have 10 min until breakfast... basically I slept the entire time. Thanks for those meds dad.

We arrived in Tel Aviv and the airport was

big and beautiful. It has tall ceilings and its made of almost all windows. We found our group and I was actually really lucky because about 10 people got their luggage lost. I'm so glad I wasn't one of them.

The drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was about 45 min, not bad at all compared to the 10 hour flight. We passed through Judea, which unlike the song "Far Far Away on Judea's plains", Is full of hills and lots of trees.

As we came up the hill we caught our first glimpse of the Old City. There aren't words to describe. We made it up to the hill and got off the bus to our new home. Pictures don't do it justice. I'll go into detail later, I have about 5 min.

We had a tour and dinner. Dinner was this yellow flat rice with seasoning, potatoes, veggies, salad, and this amazing pita bread with a spread that I forgot the name of. I think it was a creamy mixture of honey and sesame seeds. You'll have to look it up. Its life changing.

Then we met in where we will have church every week. The director got up and spoke to us about how special this place is. Everyone we talked to stressed the fact that we aren't tourists, we are a part of this community, we live here. That was amazing. Then our branch president Brother Omen (amazingly funny) got up to play the organ. We have the iggest most beautiful organ in all of Israel. As he started to play, they opened the curtains to see the view of the Old City. It was the best moment of my life. I already love it here.

I'm off to breakfast! Were visiting the Old City today! Miss you all!

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Gina said...

how exciting :) if there's anyone who deserves all of this it's you! :D <3 <3