Monday, January 10, 2011

Field Studies

So I'm sorry its been a few days but hey, to be honest I haven't been wanting to spend much time on my computer when there are so many beautiful things to see here. So here is just a little update on what's been going on here.

Friday was our first day of classes. I never want to go back to Provo because nothing compares to reading the scriptures in an old testament class and having your teacher point out the window to show you where it happened, its incredible. we learned about the Abrahamic Covenant and how it applies to us here and now and how we are a part of it. I am learning so much! Then we went out to the city to do a little exploring of our own. This time I got to take my camera so I have some great pictures.

Saturday is the Sabbath day here so thats when we had church. It was great because breakfast wasn't until 8 so I got to sleep in. We had sacrament meeting in this great big room. The branch here includes some other members, several spanish members, and a couple people who are ex patriots working in the area. No brick building can compare to taking the sacrament overlooking the city where the last supper took place, where the crucifixion took place, and where Christ suffered in Gethsemane. Everything here amazes me. The Lord loves this land, you can just feel it.

They asked me to help teach the sunbeams class, what an adventure that was. There are three kids: Jacob, Emily, and Kaelen. They said that it will most likely be my calling for the rest of the semester. There are going to be three of us teaching the three kids because they are so full of energy. It takes all three of us just to keep them in he room, let alone their chairs. It's going to be so fun but so tiring.

Then Sunday we had the whole day to ourselves. We got up early and headed out into the city as soon as we could. Our first stop was Zedekiahs Cave, a stone quarry underneath the city that they believe was used to build the First Temple. Then we walked around town for a bit and chatted with merchants and tried some pastries. Next we went on Ramparts Walk which is a walk on top of the walls that surround the Old City. It was cool to walk under the city, in the city, and then on top of the city. It provided some spectacular views. The rest of the day we spent discovering some of the gems in the old city. One of my favorite spots was Pilate's Palace, the place where many people believe that christ was condemned. It was open and light and beautiful, then you can walk into a little church where they have the most beautiful stained glass window depicting Christ on the cross. We also stopped by the birthplace of Mary. It was fun to just be free and walk all around the city. I can even describe how amazing it is. The people here are just beautiful and the feelings you get just being here captures your heart.

Today we had our first field trip but I'm running out of time and I want to upload these pictures so I'll talk about that laterrrr. Shalom!

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