Thursday, June 2, 2011

Live in the now

Sometimes I can get so distracted with the future. Not just long time future like jobs, majors, serving a mission, finding a husband (eek), starting a family... but sometimes I get caught up in things that aren't happening for another week or month. I get excited about seeing all my friends that I haven't seen since before Jerusalem and the ones that I left either in Jerusalem or the SLC airport, I get excited about my best friends wedding, about road trips and beach trips.

It got me thinking about living in the now. I get so excited about what is to come that I forget about the great things that are happening now... the things that I don't always get to do all the time, like help my brother with his homework, or listen to my little sister talk about her Freshman drama. Things that maybe aren't things that I look forward towards, but things that I enjoy while they are happening. I miss out on moments when my mind is in the future.

This realization came to my while helping Scott with his homework. We had been working out word problems and we were sketching it out to help him understand better. I got busy on facebook while he was working, then he tapped me to show me something. At first I was uninterested thinking it was a math problem he had solved or that maybe he was going to ask me a question about something that I have no idea about (yesterday he asked me which state was the cheese state. Its Wisconsin). I looked over to see a little drawing he had done of us at the movies from the night before.
(Am I really that glamorous?)

This little experience set me off on my new goal for the summer, or for life really. Its that I've decided I need to start living in the moment, stopping looking forward to things (its okay to do every so often, I was just letting it consume me more than it should). I want to appreciate the little things like spending time with my family, answering Scotts random questions and reading him Harry Potter at night. I want to spend my time teaching Kelsey not to worry about boys and to worry more about school. I want to enjoy each laugh and each funny line Paige throws out there. I want to see things as they are now, because they won't always be this way. I want to look forward to each sunrise and each sunset.

So here is to the now.


Alanna said...

You are just so unbelieveably awesome, sweet girl! This post taught me something--I will take a page out of the Kaitlin book and live in the moment a little more this summer. Love you!

Jess said...

Okay Miss Inspirational, making the rest of us look bad! I just love you.

Jess said...

P.S. teach me your ways- I could use some help with living in the now.

Farryn said...

especially the part about the cheese state!