Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gooooood News

I have lots of things to smile about.

1. My good friend Mrs. Hayley Pingree featured me on her blog today. I feel so famous! She asked me to do a guest post while she is away on vacation in Alaska with her hubby. Hers is one of my most stalked blogs for sure.

2. Bentley is forever off the Bachelorette, at least physically. How much do you want to bet that Ashley makes some kind of reference to getting over him on every episode for the rest of the season? Did you see this clip?

3. My trip to Utah is coming up! I'm so excited to have a full week off of work. && More importantly I am SO excited to see one of my best friends get married. The rest of the week will be spent with people that I have been apart from for far too long. Definition of bliss.

Which comes to my next dilemma...
I leave on FRIDAY and I have yet to come up with a road trip playlist.
So far I have the entire Bon Iver album and this song.
I promise you that won't last me all 9 hours.
So I need your help. What are your favorite road trip songs? Anything you are obsessing over lately? What do you listen to with the windows down, driving through the desert?

P.S. How adorable is this engagement shoot. I want to go watch "Sound of Music" now


Camille said...

road trippin' - RHC
route 66 from cars...
shut up and drive - rihanna

i like literal driving music.

and i LOVE that girl's dress in that engagement shoot. it kind of looks like something maria would wear. i can't wait to see you!!

Ashley Sloan said...

I'm your newest follower thanks to Hayley! :) You may or may not see another guest post...which I wrote...on her blog...soon...haha. And I AM SO GLAD that Bentley is off the Bachelorette. That was so annoying although the previews for the rest of the season look just as bad ha. And read your 'About Me' page and you'll figure out what you want to do! I just barely graduated from BYU and enjoy it there while you can...I miss it! Anyways, have a good day!

Ashley Sloan

Zoe said...

Truth Sets In, What's In It For?, and One Last - by Avi Buffalo
Your Song - Ellie Goulding
Any and all Explosions In The Sky album(s) :)
Dog Days Are Over and Cosmic Love - by Florence and the Machine
GARRET HEDLUND!!! :) Give In To Me, Chances Are, and Silver Wings. I love singing along to them.
Scissor Runner, My Pet Snakes, Switchblade, Big Wave, Animal, and Slavedriver - by Jenny and Johnny
Any songs by Jon Foreman (he's the lead singer for Switchfoot...but his singles are way good) My faves are Your Love Is Strong and Learning How To Die.
Hello - by Martin Solveig
Mates of State are also really good. My favorite is called The Re-Arranger. The Re-Arrange Us album is all good.
Get all the Mumford and Sons unreleased songs. The album I have is called 'B-Sides and Unreleased songs?) You might have to torrent it :)
I discovered a new artist called Nik Day (he's from Provo) sounds like Buble :) If you go to his Fbook page you can download songs for freeee.
Futile Devices, Get Real Get Right, John Wayne Gacy, Jr., and Casmir Pulaski Day - by Sufjan Stevens
End of a Spark and Wait Up (Boots of Danger) - by Tokyo Police Club
Something Good Can Work and I Can Talk - by Two Door Cinema Club
Green Eyes and Baby Say Goodbye - by Wavves
Anything by William Fitzsimmons :)
Birds by The Submarines

Jess said...

You are soooo cool. Guest posting on blogs? That's my best friend, ladies and gentleman! I haven't seen the Bachelorette in two weeks- lots of catching up to do. Sure wish I had some song recommendations for you- but they would all be country and I know you won't approve of that. MISS YOU!